Project off the coast of Noshiro City, Mitane Town and Oga City, Akita Prefecture

Endowed courses at Akita International University / 11th Class


20230630_画像②_AIU寄附講座 第11回.pngOn June 30, Mitsubishi Corporation's Mr. Funayama, Corporate Functional Officer, Business Development for Japan (Concurrently) General Manager, Kansai Branch, and Mr. Kuki of Power & Community DX Department, Industry Digital Transformation Group, gave a lecture in the endowed courses at Akita International University supported by Mitsubishi Corporation, Venti Japan, Hokuto Bank and us.
Mr. Funayama, who joined online, introduced his past career and his current activities as a Domestic Business Development Officer and explained Mitsubishi Corporation's efforts with the aim at solving the challenges confronting Akita Prefecture, including the proposed "Akita Workshop" he compiled in April this year.
Mr. Kuki gave an overview of the business of Industrial DX Division and talked about wide range of topic from the basics like "What's DX" to the specific services MC currently provide, with a linkage to social issues such as population decline.
Mr. Funayama is scheduled to speak again at 14th class on July 21, and the students will make their presentations in accordance with the tasks given at the class.