Project off the coast of Noshiro City, Mitane Town and Oga City, Akita Prefecture

Endowed courses at Akita International University / 12th Class


20230707_画像②_AIU寄附講座 第12回.pngOn July 7, we welcomed 6 lecturers in the endowed courses at Akita International University supported by Mitsubishi Corporation, Venti Japan, Hokuto Bank and us, three from Akita Northern Happinets, Mr. Mizuno, President, Mr. Kodama and Ms. Sasaki from Public Relations Dept., and three from Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK), Mr. Nishimura, deputy manager, Ms. Yamato from Green Business Group and Mr. Yamada from ESG Management Group.
(President Mr. Mizuno and Mr. Kodama are Akita International University graduates.)
In the first half of lecture by Akita Northern Happinets, they explained about their SDGs initiatives such as zero-carbon game project in the basketball venue, children's cafeteria activity, and brewery business, in addition to the overview of their activities as a professional basketball club. At the end, the students discussed the decarbonization initiatives that can be tackled only through local sports teams.
In the second half of lecture by NYK, they explained about their ESG strategy and the decarbonization initiatives to achieve net zero in 2050. They also discussed their involvement in offshore wind project and their actions being taken at Akita.