Project off the coast of Noshiro City, Mitane Town and Oga City, Akita Prefecture

Endowed courses at Akita International University / 9th Class


20230616_画像②_AIU寄附講座 第9回.pngThanks to the support from Mr. Zhou of Venti Japan, site tour to Akita Katakami Wind Farm was held on June 16 in the endowed courses at Akita International University supported by Mitsubishi Corporation, Venti Japan, Hokuto Bank and us.
After the briefing in the administration building about the overview of wind power business and the maintenance and management of wind turbine, we moved to Wind Turbine No. 19 and took a look at the real wind turbine and its spare blades. In the end, while watching Akita Port Offshore Wind Farm and Noshiro Port Offshore Wind Farm projects at Akita Port, Mr. Atsumi from our company explained the difference between onshore wind project and offshore wind project located on the general waters. Students who had a chance to see the real wind turbines up close were very interested, and actively made questions one after another about wind turbine technology and environmental measures etc..