Project off the coast of Choshi City, Chiba Prefecture

Choshi Local Leaders School 2023 / 4th session


画像1.jpgThe 4th session of Choshi Local Leaders School 2023, jointly hosted by us and Inter Local Partners, was held for two days from 2nd to 3rd of February 2024. This time was a fieldwork in Mitutoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture, where the number of tourists has skyrocketed to about 100 times due to the progress of various projects for the solution of local issues.
Thanks to the generous support by Mr. Harada, Director of Setouchi Works, which manages regional projects such as UDON HOUSE, and other local entrepreneurs and businesspersons, we visited various locations in Mitutoyo City, followed by the active exchange of opinions facilitated by Mr. Yamamoto, President of Inter Local Partners and Mr. Furuta, Director of Inter Local Partners and President of umari.
It was a fruitful fieldwork in which the students were exposed to various projects at different development stages for the solution of regional issues, learned about the processes by which multifaceted regional development has been carried out in a mutually correlated manner, and helped them to get an insight about their own next actions.