Project off the coast of Choshi City, Chiba Prefecture

Opening of a Manpower-saving Lawson Store at Choshi Hospital


On December 14, 2023, a manpower-saving Lawson store opened in Choshi Hospital, which have unmanned business hours (the first of this type of Lawson store in Chiba Pref.). The store will be open 24 hours a day (7 days a week) for users' convenience but also manpower-saving by making it manned only in the daytime of weekdays and unmanned for the rest of hours and weekends.
This project, aiming at the improvement of convenience for visitors, neighbors and other local residents as part of the local contribution initiatives by our offshore wind power project off the coast of Choshi City, Chiba Pref., was made possible by the cooperation of the Choshi Medical Public Corporation, which operates Choshi Hospital, and other concerned organizations such as Lawson.
In addition, we and the Choshi Medical Public Corporation jointly applied for and were successfully adopted for "Chiba Regional Problem Solution Demonstration Project Grants" by Chiba Prefecture.
We strongly believe that this project will play a major role in addressing the shopping difficulties that are forecasted to increase in local areas in future, and we will continue to support this initiative in cooperation with relevant organizations.