Project off the coast of Noshiro City, Mitane Town and Oga City, Akita Prefecture

Exhibited at Noshiro Industry Fair 2023


Akita Noshiro Mitane Oga Offshore Wind, which our company invests in, provided an orientation of "Machinaka Kosakuru" at the "Noshiro Industry Fair 2023" held on October 21  and 22.
"Machinaka Kosakuru" is a new type of on-demand public transportation that is a cross between a bus and a taxi. Passengers can make reservations by phone or app and get on or off at their choice of designated stops. On that day, we provided support to download the app to a smartphone, and gave them a trial ride. Many people had already heard about the service through newspaper ads, and expressed their interest in using it for shopping, transportation of elderly family members, or hospital visits.
The AI-powered ride-hailing system, which is implemented to efficiently determine the routes for "Machinaka Kosakuru," is based on the system of Spare Technology Solutions, a company invested in by Mitsubishi Corporation.
Akita Noshiro Mitane Oga Offshore Wind is co-sponsoring this demonstration operation as the part of our regional contribution in connection with the offshore wind project, and fully supports the attempt of "Machinaka Kosakuru" by Noshiro City.
This demonstration operation will run for two months from November 1 to the end of December, and a ribbon-cutting event is scheduled on November 1. If you are in Noshiro City during this period, please try it!

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AI on-demand transportation "Machinaka Kosakuru" started! ! - Noshiro City (