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Endowed courses at Akita International University / 14th Class


20230721_画像②_AIU寄附講座 第14回.png20230721_画像③_AIU寄附講座 第14回.pngOn July 21, Mitsubishi Corporation's Mr. Kontani, General Manager and Mr. Koyama, Senior Manager of Carbon Management Department, Next-Generation Energy Business Group, and Mr. Funayama, Corporate Functional Officer, Business Development for Japan (Concurrently) General Manager, Kansai Branch, gave a lecture in the endowed courses at Akita International University supported by Mitsubishi Corporation, Venti Japan, Hokuto Bank and us.
In the first half, under the theme of "Technology for De-carbonization," Mr. Kontani and Mr. Koyama put a focus on the decarbonization technologies such as CCUS (Carbon dioxide Capture, Utilization and Storage) etc., then had a heated discussion with the students over the subject "As a consumer, would you buy eco-friendly products even by paying a premium?"
In the second half of the lecture, a group of students presented their concrete proposals for three programs (School Akita, Natsuyama-Fuyusato Akita, Industry Akita) listed in Akita Workshop based on the tasks presented in the 11th class facilitated by Mr. Funayama. Next class will be the final session for this endowed course.