Project off the coast of Choshi City, Chiba Prefecture

Choshi Local Leaders School 2023 / 2nd session of Second term


The second session of Choshi Local Leaders School 2023 was held on August 26, jointly hosted by us and Inter Local Partners. The venue for this session was "Veggie Clinic-Tomariko Diner," a farmhouse restaurant run by graduates of the first term of this School. In the first half, Mr. Masamitsu Ishibashi, president of Misaki Megumi Suisan, a tuna wholesaler, gave a lecture on "the future of fisheries business" and in the second half, Mr. Yamamoto, president of Inter Local Partners, talked about "the expectations for the region." All the participants actively shared their opinions and very lively discussed on "the direction Choshi should aim for," which continued beyond the scheduled time frame.