Project off the coast of Noshiro City, Mitane Town and Oga City, Akita Prefecture

Results of demonstration operation of Machinaka Kosakuru


The demonstration operation of "Machinaka Kosakuru*," a new public transportation system in Noshiro City, was successfully completed with the use of larger-than-expected 3,000 passengers during 2 months of the demonstration from November to December 2023.  We believe that "Machinaka Kosakuru" has received a certain recognition as a new mode of transportation for citizens, as many people had used it to go shopping and/or to events, and even seniors could make reservations through the app.
We wish to continue our best support toward the establishment of sustainable public transportation system in Noshiro City.

*"Machinaka Kosakuru" is a new type of public transportation that is a cross between a bus and a taxi, where passengers make a reservation by phone or using a smartphone app and get on and off at a designated stop. Akita Noshiro Mitane Oga Offshore Wind, which our company invests in, sponsored this demonstration operation as part of a regional contribution plan by offshore wind power business.