Project off the coast of Choshi City, Chiba Prefecture

Choshi Local Leaders School 2023 / 3rd session


The third session of Choshi Local Leaders School 2023, jointly hosted by us and Inter Local Partners, was held for two days from October 14 to 15. This session was a fieldwork conducted in Tsushima City, Nagasaki Pref., where advanced initiatives are taken for sustainable fisheries and blue tourism(*2).
With Mr. Yamamoto, President and Mr. Furuta, Director of Inter Local Partners as our guides, we could visit various places in Tsushima and actively exchanged opinions, thanks to the generous support by Mr. Zenimoto, president of Flat Hour, Mr. Inuzuka of Marutoku Suisan, and Mr. Fujikawa, Planning Chief of Tsushima Green and Blue Tourism Association, who are working to solve regional issues in Tsushima. We got many implications from the advanced region, and this was a fruitful fieldwork that clarified participants' approach to regional business development and their own future vision.

*1:The header image is
Future Choshi Local Leaders at Japanese amberjack farm during the fieldwork
*2:Blue tourism is a general term for leisure activities that promotes the refreshment of mind and body by staying on islands or coastal fishing villages and experiencing an attractive and fulfilling marine life.