Project off the coast of Choshi City, Chiba Prefecture

Beach Cleanup at scenic Byobugaura on June 4 Sunday (conducted on first Sunday of every month)


We support beach cleanup activities organized by Byobugaura Beach Cleanup Volunteers (organizer). As a company promoting offshore wind business in the same Choshi City, we, Chiba Choshi Offshore Wind LLC, got ourselves involved in this monthly cleanup activity since the briefing session for the local Naaraimachi residents in July last year. As June 4th was right after the passing of typhoon, more than 20 bagsful of garbage and other large wastes were collected in one hour.This activity was started 16 years ago by a group of local surfers, and is continuing every month until today.
As Chiba Choshi Offshore Wind LLC, we would like to continue our contribution to beach cleanup activities in Choshi, which has Byobugaura, a national scenic spot and natural monument.
You are welcome to join us!