Regional Contribution
LOCAL×Mitsubishi Corporation Offshore Wind Ltd.

We will collaborate with all stakeholders to achieve and realize the sustainable local contribution plan.

As Mitsubishi Corporation Offshore Wind Ltd. will rent the ocean for a long period (30 years), we are aiming to contribute to the local community and create social value beyond the power business.
We will continue to exchange opinions with stakeholders, especially local fishermen, companies, governments and contribute to the local community with our three initiatives; (1) creation of sustainable support system for fishing industry, (2) enhancement of local industries and job creation, and (3) contribution to empower the region.

Three Initiatives

  • Creation of Sustainable Support System for Fishing Industry
  • Enhancement of Local Industries and Job Creation
  • Contribution to Empower the Region
Creation of sustainable support system for fishing industry: More Abundant fishing grounds. Fishing ground exploration. ICT for fisheries. Enhancement of local industries and job creation: Offshore wind O&M Jobs creation & training. Activation of tourism. Advanced educational support. Expand sales of local produced goods. Domestic and local supply chains. Next-gen leadership training. ICT for local industries. Contribution to empower the region: Local production and consumption of electricity enhancement of resilieance. Citizen's fund.

Image of contribution to local community